Restaurant Review: Daniel Ristorante

May 27, 2016

After a morning of shopping (both window and real), we settled for lunch at Daniel Ristorante in Brera, one of Milan’s trendier neighborhoods. Formerly the Executive Chef for one of Gualtiero Marchesi’s restaurant, Daniel Canzian opened his namesake restaurant in 2013, serving contemporary Italian fare with a focus on simplicity and seasonality.

Arrived slightly past noon, we were seated in the middle of the still empty dining room next to a large window. The atmosphere was casual and relaxing, contributed in part by the soft color tones of white and olive green.

Sipping on some dry prosecco we studied the lunch set menu, priced at a reasonable €25. We picked one of three choices for each of appetizer, soup and entrée.

A basket of warm wheat bread arrived right after we placed our orders. We munched on them while waiting for our first courses, which arrived about 20 minutes later.

My wife had the Consommé with Bread and Potato Foam. We were taken aback by the portion — the broth was no more than two spoonfuls. The clean broth matched well with the crunchy bread that had soaked up most of the liquid.

I had the Grilled Artichoke with Mint. A very straightforward presentation of this fresh produce.

For our second course we both ordered the Contemporary Vegetable Soup. No more than a dozen spoonfuls, the soup was cooked with a large amount of bailey, which caused the texture to be more like a stew. Again this dish was very clean and simple.


When my main course of three artistically arranged asparagus appeared, I was astonished. These swirly greens, covering less than 1/10 of the large white plate underneath, would be inadequate even as a side; yet here I was staring them intently, figuring should I stuff all of them into my mouth at once or tried to trick my stomach by consuming them as slowing as possible.

I chose the latter. The mustard sauce complimented the greens well. My stomach was clearly signaling it was ready for some proper food after several rounds of tidbits.

My wife went with Seabass in Cream Sauce. The filets were rest upon two pieces of fried potato about the size of an euro coin. A safe and simple presentation of seabass.

For this price Daniel offers good value in terms of quality. Service was warm and friendly. Overall I enjoyed the simple cooking, but since each dish was so comically tiny, the portion size turned into the memorable factor of this meal. I would like to attend the meeting when the kitchen was figuring what’s the smallest amount of food they could put on each plate before its customers would throw up their hands in protest.

Deliciousness: 6/10
Value: 4/10
Recommendation: 5/10
Address: Via san Marco angolo Castelfidardo, Milan
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12:00 to 15:00, 18:00 to 00:00; Saturday 19:00 to 00:00


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