Honeymoon – The Plan

Maldives.  Japan.  6,800 km apart.

Quite absurd it is to visit both countries in nine days; yet that’s what we are doing, on our honeymoon no less.

These are obviously two separate trips, but we are doing them back-to-back. Since we both have a nine-day break and our package to Maldives only last for five days, we are tagging a four-day trip to Northern Kyushu right afterward.

Why Maldives? 

I am actually not a fan of resorts, but the sun and beach combination is a pretty safe combination for honeymoon.


Why Kyushu?

Because Fukuoka is only a 3-hour flight from Hong Kong and I have always wanted to stay at a high-end ryoken with private onsen (hot spring). Although many people warned us about the Fukushima nuclear power plants meltdown, it seems a little silly to worry about radiation from a source that is more than a thousand kilometres away.



Nov 26 – 19:20 flight, arrive Male at 23:00

Nov 27 – Maldives

Nov 28 – Maldives

Nov 29 – Maldives

Nov 30 – 19:40 flight

Dec 1 – Arrive HKG at 5:00; Flight to Fukuoka at 11:20, arrive at 15:20

Dec 2 – Drive to Kurokawa Onsen

Dec 3 – Drive to Yufuin

Dec 4 – Back to Fukuoka, flight back to Hong Kong at 15:40


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