Remembering Vancouver: West Vancouver

Horseshoe Bay Park

Photo Set on Flickr

I can’t remember how it has become so, but whenever someone asks me where is my favourite place in Vancouver, I tend to reply West Vancouver.

I have only been to West Vancouver a handful of times, far less than my usual roaming ground of Spanish Banks or English Bay.  I guess sometimes there is a tendency to place a special kind of attachment to something out of the routine.

Regardless the reason, whenever I step foot in West Vancouver, I feel like I am taking a mini excursion to a foreign place called Canada.  As beautiful as Vancouver as a whole is, it is nonetheless an urban centre.  As proud as Vancouverites are of Stanley Park, it is a green oasis surrounded by concrete and glass complex that is Downtown.

Obviously Canada is vast, and West Vancouver is not a conclusive representative of the country, but West Vancouver is the place within Metro Vancouver I will choose to go to if I want to be reminded of the quaintness and beauty of Canada.

Some Photos:

Ambleside Park. A ten minutes drive from Lion Gate Bridge. Almost always empty despite located at town centre.
A seclusive spot at Whytecliff Park. Reminds me of the movie Cast Away.
I know it is possible to dive in Vancouver, but the cold water in May and diving still seem like a mismatch in my mind.
Point Atkinson Lighthouse at Lighthouse Park, perhaps the most famous attraction in West Vancouver.
Horseshoe Bay Park at night. Despite the ugly ferry terminal, I still find this place to be one of the most beautiful in the Lower Mainland.

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